Rubina Marchiori

Colour has the ability to ignite, empower, alter realities, shift perspectives and add an extra layer of intensity wherever needed. Set against a backdrop of lime green, lemony yellow and sumptuous red, this pop art inspired photo shoot photographed by Karolina Amberville, boldly celebrates a sense of fearlessness, optimism and femininity through a kaleidoscope of intense colour and psychedelic prints.


Bubble Pop Electric Photoshoot 2

Bubble Pop Electric Photoshoot 3

Bubble Pop Electric Photoshoot 4

Overlapping contradictions and layered textures help to define the eclectic styling put together by Rubina Marchiori. Who promotes happiness as a trend with a smile worn as the perfect accessory, mixing high shine metallics, sporty neon bodysuits and tie-dye jumpsuits topped off by the omnipresence of AlphaOmega London shoes. Complemented with a dose of techno inspired hair and make up by Magdalena Skoczylas this photo shoot takes us into an unexplored world that dwells in delicious irony and morphs life into art.

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All the shoes featured in the behind the scenes footage below are AlphaOmega London.

It’s important to celebrate the inspirational paths of those that dare to follow their dreams. Now we take a closer look at the stories behind the key contributors to the Bubble Pop Electric photo shoot.

Name: Magdalena Skoczylas

Job title: Hair & Makeup artist

Magdalena DunesMagdalena's quote

Inspirational journey:

“Make up has always been a passion of mine, my journey began at a young age. I remembered being inspired by how my mum in particular experimented with amazing multicolour eyeshades and eyeliners. By the age of 14 I was putting makeup on friends and family, I remembered when one of my mum’s friends had asked me to do her makeup for a new years eve party, which was daunting at first but became a massive first achievement when she was so happy with how I made her look and feel. It was that defining moment that gave me a sense of belief that I was to become a makeup artist. I truly believe that it was always in me but had it not have been for the support and the inspiration that my mum had given me I would not have developed my strong sense of skill and passion for make up.”

Inspirational quote: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Magdalenas mums photo

Magdalena pictured above with her mum

For more details please visit Magdalena’s website