GEN A0 2000 White




Medium sized, white, multicoloured laser printed tote bag

Designer’s note

An intriguing feature of the pattern break in the top right hand corner depicts the current zeitgeist and our attitudes towards restrictive social norms and the shattering of institutionalised structures and glass ceilings. The bag partially inspired by a childhood love for pop-up books, was created to amuse, entertain and be interpreted by the wearer.


The size and shape offers a practical use as a tote bag making it both easy to carry and access personal items as well as keeping more personal items secure in the front pocket compartment.


37cm x 34cm x 12cm


Made from a combination of ecological and ethical materials which include: Pinatex (pineapple leaf leather), EU REACH certified recycled leather, 100% Polyurethane, 100% Linen and DETOX & EMAS accredited ecological zips.

Bag Care

Clean with a damp wet cloth, taking care not to rub. For long term maintenance lightly polish with a non abrasive sponge and vegetable wax. The lining can be handwashed. Keep out of direct sunlight.