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We host our very own ‘Fashion Vanguards’ podcast series, which aims to open minds, share knowledge, listen to opinions and ignite conversations.

UNBIASED | UNCENSORED | UNSCRIPTED Inspired by the incredibly thought provoking article entitled ‘Sustainability in Fashion’ written by Kate Hart. AO London proudly presents the ‘Sustainability in Fashion’ podcasts series. Sustainability is fast becoming the biggest single issue facing business and commerce around the globe. Fashion may not be the first industry that springs to mind as a major contributor to environmental destruction but it has hardly been immune from the negative side effects of intensive production methods and mass consumption culture. SUBSCRIBE NOW! For full episodes and channel updates. Note: If you’re inspired by our podcasts and would like to share your thoughts and opinions on the topics discussed then please do in our comments section below. Or if you’re interested in participating then please email us on we welcome all contributions. Supported by: The Sustainable Angle – Pinatex Anans Anam – Common Objective –