AO Podcast

We host our very own ‘Fashion Vanguards’ podcast series, which aims to open minds, share knowledge, listen to opinions and ignite conversations.

Inspired by the incredibly thought provoking article entitled The Age of Agender written by Kate Hart. AO London proudly presents the ‘Age of Agender’ podcasts series. Fashion has over the years frolicked with its association with revolutionary causes and social injustices. Largely due to the key role it plays in the construction of one’s identity, which we explored in the ‘Protest in Fashion’ series. In a world where gender forms the most salient aspects of social identities and a person has the freedom to construct new ones, we explore Fashion’s role in its attempts to disseminate gender inequalities by adopting a more progressive ‘Agender lite’ consciousness. Whilst also analysing fashion’s multifaceted motives for joining the gender neutral equality crusade. The third episode in the series answers a series of questions, such as are we in a gender revolution? Do we need to get rid of gender roles and identities to achieve gender equality and have shifts in gender roles over the years in hindsight created instability and greater inequality?