Michael James O’Brien

Michael James O’Brien is a world class photographer. He received the M.F.A from Yale University where he studied in the 1970’s with Walker Evans. He was the associate professor of photography at Kenyon College in Ohio and taught at the New School in New York City in the mid-80’s. His work has been commissioned by

Lorenzo Belli

Lorenzo Belli, an incredibly talented still life and portrait photographer hails from the ancient city of Rome, Italy. With London as his base, plans to take over the world of still life and portrait photography are imminent.  His signature style is enveloped with high tech visuals, exuberant colours and a measured doses of innovative experimentation.

Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability (from ‘sustain’ and ‘ability’) is the process of change, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations’. Sustainability is fast becoming the biggest single issue facing business

The Sustainability Angle

The Sustainable Angle are advocates for projects contributing towards the fight against the negative environmental impact on both the fashion industry and society. They are a not for profit organisation who aim to encourage and improve the visibility of innovative textiles that boast a reduced environmental impact. The Sustainable Angle host ‘The Future Fabric Expo’

Common Objective

The Common Objective’s goal is simply to ‘Do Fashion Better’ through learning, connecting and collaborating. They have named themselves a matching engine, linking individuals, leaders, pioneers and influencers. Their objective is to encourage business that is better for people, better for profits and better for the planet. Through sharing knowledge and resources success across the

Piñatex by Ananas Anam

Piñatex is a innovative sustainable leather alternative crafted from pineapple leaf fibres, founded by Dr. Carmen Hijosa. Inspired by the cradle to cradle approach, the brand promotes low environmental impact, alongside high social responsibility. Thus paying attention to each aspect of the textile process by supporting ecological, intelligent design policies. For more information visit https://www.ananas-anam.com

The Age Of Agender by Kate Hart

Agender: ‘Without a gender (nongendered, genderless, agender; neutrois); moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity (genderfluid); third gender or other-gendered; includes those who do not place a name to their gender.’     In a generation more at home with the concept of gender fluidity than ever before, businesses and public services are realising

#Artistintroduction – Beauford Delaney

WHO: Beauford Delaney Above: Photo of Beauford Delaney WHY WE ARE INSPIRED: Boston->New York->Paris-> Eternity. The journey of Beaufort Delaney and his work came a long way in his lifetime, and earned him a place amongst the great impressionist’s where his creative genius lives on. Born in Knoxville Tennessee, Delany’s work evolved where his physical joinery

Protest – The Cradle to Fashion’s Subversive Culture

        A protest or demonstration by an individual or group are most often held in order to make a political statement, a means of expressing an opinion by those who lack the political power to challenge the system via traditional methods. Encompassing every societal facet from the rule of law, economics and

Thomas Howitt

Thomas Daniel Howitt is an up and coming filmmaker from West Wales. He specialises in a diverse range of genres including commercial/promotional video, music video, experimental and documentary. What we love about Thomas is his approach to new projects, he thrives on the ones that take him out of his comfort zone. “For me, it’s

#Artistintroduction – Patrick Kelly

WHO: Patrick Kelly Above: Photo of Patrick Kelly WHY WE ARE INSPIRED: When you hear the word Mississippi, there are probably a few things that come to mind before ‘ haute couture’. However this great southern delta state managed to produce arguably one of the greatest designers that fashion has seen, whose larger than life outlook

#ArtistIntroduction – Jean Michel Basquiat

WHO: Jean Michel Basquiat WHY WE ARE INSPIRED: A contemporary and close friend of Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat was a true maverick of his time, refusing to be pigeon-holed and confined to just one art form, he was a poet, a musician and a graffiti artist. All of which fed into his influences that

Marco Pereira

Marco has worked with some amazing people over the years, he values originality and people who aren’t afraid to think creatively. Previously he worked as a lighting assistant, photographer,  lead retoucher and associate lecturer making a career in the photography. Currently Marco manages a retouching department at Spring Studios. For more information please visit www.marceira.com

Adrian Burke

Adrian Burke is a London based photographer specialising in distinctive still life and animals. Working for a variety of clients from advertising to design and editorial, his recent commissions have included The Sunday Times, Tesco, Barclays, Waitrose, Shell, Wired and Sainsbury’s magazine. Over the past 20 years working on both commercial projects and self-initiated collaborations,

Blow PR

BLOW continually maintains levels of creativity, innovation and excellence without parallel for the diverse range of brands we represent.In-depth knowledge of the industry combined with a comprehensive repertoire, contacts and insider knowledge enables us to offer a service which consciously positions each brand perfectly within the ever-changing world of fashion. We pride ourselves on building

Flair or Faux

In a postmodernist era the boundaries of originality and authenticity are progressively blurred. The fashion world, known for its affection for pastiche and appropriation is an industry laced with accusations of piracy and plagiarism. Independent designers, often seen as the crusaders of creative ingenuity are fast becoming victims of the piracy wars. Kate Hart –

Not Just A Label (NJAL)

NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion. Set up in 2008 to infuse new life into fashion, NJAL was quick to become an indispensable tool for the industry; helping designers gain exposure and finance their progression independently by providing an easily accessible

Failure in Fashion Article for ‘Not Just a Label’

The drive to succeed – and to do it quickly – can leave emerging fashion designers feeling disheartened when their dreams of success fail to materialise. Nazinna Douglas, the young fashion designer behind the label AlphaOmega London, argues that efforts must be made to inspire young hopefuls to believe that failure is not an end-point,

Magdalena Skoczylas

Magdalena Skoczylas was born in Poland and attended the Mat-studio art school in Gdynia, one of the most prestigious art schools in Poland. During her studies Magdelena developed a keen interest in make up and costume styling for both film and theatre. Which gave her the opportunity to undertake apprenticeships in theatre productions such as Mother, Chicago

Bubble Pop Electric Photoshoot for Runway Magazine

Colour has the ability to ignite, empower, alter realities, shift perspectives and add an extra layer of intensity wherever needed. Set against a backdrop of lime green, lemony yellow and sumptuous red, this pop art inspired photo shoot photographed by Karolina Amberville, boldly celebrates a sense of fearlessness, optimism and femininity through a kaleidoscope of intense

Phoebe Wilson

Phoebe Wilson is a young, emerging, charismatic and an extraordinarily creative fashion stylist based in London. Her passion revolves around womenswear, menswear and still life styling. For more details please visit phoebewilsonstylist.4ormat.com/work

Karolina Amberville

Karolina Amberville is a brilliantly creative portrait and fashion photographer based in London. A Gdańsk native, she studied Fashion & Street Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion; Artistic Photography in Warsztaty Fotografii Artystycznej, Poland; Boudoir with Joe Cogliandro at SWPP, London. For more information on Karolina please visit www.karolinaamberville.com.


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