Welcome to the wonderful world of AlphaOmega London!

Inspiration ignites greatness. Having the ability to find inspiration aligns with having a positive outlook. Positive thinking opens up your mind, and ultimately your life to so many amazing opportunities. It’s through inspiration that we become more creative.

To celebrate our first article, we pay homage to the woman that inspired one of our most delectable styles. We present to you the ‘Carmen’.

The Carmen

The ‘Carmen’ © AlphaOmega London

Chestnut Lodge 1979


Chestnut Lodge 1979 © AlphaOmega London

Carmen Casual 1980

Carmen Red Jumpsuit 1980

Chestnut Lodge 1979 © AlphaOmega London

Carmen, you are extremely talented, courageous and a true beauty to be admired and adored. This is a personal thank you for all your contributions and support to AlphaOmega London.