AlphaOmega London

The beginning, the end and everything in between

We have a passion for creating unique, high-quality and innovative footwear. Shoes that are handcrafted to nurture your steps, inspire you to break the rules, seize opportunities and be all that you can be.

AlphaOmega London works closely with UK manufacturers and craftspeople, using the world’s finest materials, sourced with care and a devotion to achieving the best. Symbiotic relationships with our collaborators allow us to foster British creativity, while fashioning pieces of contemporary elegance that can be customised to your personal specifications.

Our ideas are born out of the tones, colours and patterns of the architecture, landscape and high-tech engineering that make up our world. Our holistic approach to the design process distils these all-embracing influences into the Authenticity, Opulence and Sophistication that is the essence of our range. AlphaOmega London is more than just footwear. It is a whole design philosophy powered by: Curiosity | Collaboration | Imagination | Experimentation | Activism